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Structural Fire Suppression

If you are building a new residential or commercial premises there are a number of building fire protection methods you might consider implementing to ensure maximum structural fire suppression.

Structural fire protection is the first step in securing a property against fire, the second step being active fire protection in the form of a sprinkler system, for example, and thirdly fire education, making sure people understand exactly what to do in the event of a fire.
Structural fire protection is intended to limit the spread of fire and compartmentalise fire until the fire service is able to attend the scene. Structural fire protection uses an occupancy separation strategy to save lives and protect trapped occupants from high temperatures and poisonous gases emitted from the fire.

Structural fire suppression starts from the conception a building design and may include the following fire protection disciplines:

• Structural fire resistant steel
• Fire curtains and cavity barriers
• Fire walls
• Fire floors
• Fire doors
• Fire Windows
• Intumescent painting and spraying

Structural fire protection is particularly important in factories or ships that carry hazardous liquids or explosives. Fire protection must be capable of containing a fire for a substantial period of time to prevent further mass explosion or the burning of chemicals harmful to the environment. Firewalls for example can ward off fire for up to 2 hours depending on the installation. A structural fire suppression company will advise you on the most appropriate installation depending on the size of the building.

Old Buildings and Small Residential Buildings

In old buildings, small domestic residences or flats, limited structural fire protection will have been built into the design of the building, therefore fire doors, smoke alarms and fire extinguishers play even more of a prominent role in the protection of occupants. In these instances, active fire protection is the best way to ensure that fire damage is minimised and occupants are kept safe at all times. Even with structural fire protection, if a fire is burning for some time before an occupant wakes up, it could well be too late.

In older buildings and domestic residences, a sprinkler system will activate automatically in the event of a fire acting as instant fire protection for those inside. Without structural fire protection built into the design of a building a fire will spread very quickly and indiscriminately. In just a few minutes a building can be engulfed in flames – installing a sprinkler system is the only practical method of active fire safety outside of passive structural fire protection.

Whether or not you have adequate building fire protection, you may want to consider the added protection of fire sprinklers in your home or commercial residence. At Fire Fighter 24/7 we offer free consultation and advice on the best way to protect you from fire. Our experts have extensive experience and the highest certification in fire safety. Contact us today for free advice on fire protection.

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