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Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Sprinkler Systems Uncovered

Fire sprinkler systems are the most effective of all fire systems on the market. A sprinkler system works by being connected to a water supply which provides adequate water flow to achieve enough pressure to saturate or control a fire. Historically, fire sprinkler systems were only used within large commercial premises, but in the modern day residential sprinkler systems can be installed at cost-effective prices.

Sprinklers have been used as a fire prevention instrument in the UK since 1812 when the world’s first sprinkler system was installed at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London. The US started using sprinklers in 1874 after numerous catastrophic fires caused huge loss of life and large property damage in factories across the country.

Sprinkler systems have become increasingly popular due to their ability to prevent loss of life and minimise damage to property and the surrounding environment. A typical sprinkler is encased by a heat sensitive glass bulb or a metal link adjoined by a fusible alloy. The bulb or link applies pressure to a pip cap that prevents water escaping until the threshold temperature reaches activation point. In a standard system each sprinkler activates one-by-one as the heat threshold is reached at each location point. This means that maximum water pressure can be allocated to the affected area rather than sprinklers operating unnecessarily in safe areas of the building.

The Purpose of Fire Sprinkler Systems

Generally there are two types of sprinkler system designed to either control or suppress fire.

A control node sprinkler controls the heat of a fire to prevent building collapse and major structural damage. With this type of sprinkler the idea is control rather than command a complete halt to the fire. The fire will not be fully extinguished until the fire service arrive and completely suppress the fire.

Suppression node sprinklers offer a complete extinguishment and react aggressively to the rising heat rate of the fire. In the majority of node sprinkler instances the fire has been eliminated before the fire service has arrived.

Dispelling a Popular Fire Sprinkler System Myth

One popular myth is that sprinklers do a lot of damage to a building when activated. In truth, sprinkler systems cause less damage than a fire service hose stream. A fire service also takes approximately five minutes to arrive at the scene of a fire whereas a fire sprinkler system activates between one and four minutes after a fire starts. A fire service also requires time to set up equipment (up to ten minutes). The longer you wait to extinguish a fire the more water is required; therefore less water is typically used by the activation of a sprinkler system than that by a fire service.

Fire Sprinkler System Installation

Waiting for a fire service can result in a much larger fire, loss of life and extensive damage to your property. Fire sprinkler systems provide you and your family with a much higher percentage chance of escaping a fire unhurt and experiencing far less damage to your property.

Fire sprinkler system installation is a specialist job that must be undertaken by a certified professional with extensive experience of fire safety. At Fire Fighter 24/7 we operate a fleet of certified professional sprinkler installation specialists to ensure the safety of your family. We also offer heaps of free advice and valuable tips to help you further protect against fire. Take measures to limit the damage of fire in your home today by contacting one of our fire systems experts today.

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