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Dry Risers – Make Sure You Have Fast, Comprehensive Access To Water

When people implement fire safety prevention methods in their home or work environment, they seldom consider how the fire service will access water within a multi-story building or a building with limited access to water mains. It is a common mistake for people to believe that water is carried on board a fire truck or that the fire service can pump water from a tap – neither of these are true and the fire service needs quick access to large quantities of water to fight fire effectively.

Some residential properties and commercial buildings have adequate external access for the fire service to quickly connect their hoses and fight fire, but the easier you make this task the more likely lives will be saved and property damage minimised. If you live or work in a multi-storey building then you need a dry riser installation to ensure full access with optimum water pressure to all areas of the building.

Dry Riser Systems

A dry riser installation provides an easily accessible means of large quantities of water for the fire service. A dry riser is a vertical pipe or system of pipes capable of distributing water to multiple levels of a building. Dry risers form a vital part of a fire suppression system. Dry risers are usually fitted into a staircase or similarly suitable location. The dry riser must be installed within 18m of fire engine access to the inlet box and installed in a fire proof enclosure.

Dry Riser Installation

The installation of dry risers is controlled by the 2000 Building (Minimum Standards) Regulations. The regulations stipulate that dry riser installation is mandatory in buildings with floors over eighteen meters above ground level, although any building with more than 2 or 3 levels would benefit from a dry riser installation.

Make Sure You Have Access To Adequate Water

The last thing you want to happen in the event of a fire is realise that you don’t have adequate access to water. Make life easy for the fire service when they arrive at your premises by installing a dry riser system for full water mains access to all areas of your building.

Professional Dry Riser Systems

At Fire Fighter 24/7 we have extensive experience of installing dry riser systems and fire sprinkler systems for small, medium and large businesses across the UK. We offer the installation of commercial and residential custom fire engineering solutions to help protect you from the dangers posed by fire. All our dry riser and sprinkler parts come with a minimum 2-year guarantee and we also offer dry riser maintenance every 6 months in line with mandatory building regulation requirements.

Limit the extent of fire damage to your residential or commercial property today by calling in the UK’s leading dry riser and sprinkler installation company. With 25 years on the job experience there is no better company suited to provide you with maximum fire protection. Contact one of our certified experts today for a free no obligation quotation.

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