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Commercial Fire Sprinklers

Commercial Fire Sprinklers

As the owner of a business, the manager of staff and carer of people, it falls on you to implement measures that will protect your employees and your business property from fire. Fire may never happen in your shop, warehouse of office, but statistically there is a good possibility that one day your livelihood might be threatened by fire.

FACT: The United Kingdom Fire and Rescue Services attended 760,000 related incidents in the year ending September 2008. 595,000 of these incidents occurred in England.

Standard Commercial Fire Protection

You may well have a monthly fire drill, fire doors installed and extinguishers and alarms strategically placed around the building, but these precautions rely on people getting out quickly or physically attacking a fire with an extinguisher. Fire is fast, thus the expression “spreading like wildfire”. When a fire starts, you want your employees out as quickly as possible and to assemble at the designated meeting point. No one should have to tackle a fire with an extinguisher unless the fire is its very early stages and is obviously containable.

Secondary to considering your life and the lives of your employees or those you work with are important documents, computer equipment and years of hard work. All that can be gone in a matter of minutes. “Up in smoke”, as they say. It really doesn’t bear thinking about, does it?

The Ultimate In Commercial Fire Protection

It isn’t all doom and gloom though. There is a solution to ward off potential disaster. Commercial fire sprinklers are the only active method of fire protection capable of saving your premises and securing the safety of your staff. When a fire starts to get out of control, sprinklers react immediately to minimise the impact. Fire sprinklers also use far less water than the hoses used by the fire service, therefore saving vital equipment, office furniture and documents from irreparable damage.

Commercial Fire Installation

Installing commercial fire sprinklers takes the skill of certified professionals who will discreetly install sprinklers that don’t ruin the décor of your building, and, depending on the design, may not be visible to the naked eye. Expert sprinkler installation strategically places sprinklers around the building to localise fire and protect the rest of the premises through isolation. Contrary to popular belief, if one sprinkler is activated the rest of the system remains dormant unless a sprinkler elsewhere detects fire. Unlike a fireman’s hose which indiscriminately hoses 25 gallons of water a minute into a building, sprinklers compartmentalise and extinguish the fire at the point of origin.

Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure

It is time you thought about going that one step further for your staff and for the protection of your business. Commercial fire sprinklers are an investment for your business in that they are tax deductible and will save valuable property from being destroyed. At Fire Fighter 24/7 we have extensive experience of commercial fire installations. We have commercial fire installation experience with office blocks, shops, warehouses and factories. We are fire safety experts, fully qualified to protect your employees and your commercial property. Contact one of our staff today for a consultation on commercial fire protection.

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