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Fire protection

Fire Protection To Help Maximise The Safety of Your Family and Employees

Anyone who has ever experienced a fire will tell you that it is a truly scary and life changing experience. Yet in our busy lives it would seem there is little time to think about fire protection and how we can better prevent the cause of fire. Sadly, it is often too late before we start thinking about fire protection systems and the damage fire might cause to our homes, loved ones and friends.

We should all be concerned with fire protection. Whether you are a landlord, business owner, home owner or tenant, fire safety should be at the forefront of your mind. Mitigating the unwanted effects of fire means studying how we can prevent the occurrence of fire and suppress a fire if one does break out.

Fire Protection Tips

Perhaps the most important aspect of fire protection is the installation of a fire detection system. In commercial premises, you should install both a smoke detection device and a fire alarm. If a person spots smoke or a fire breaking out they can alert the rest of the building by setting off an alarm. Multiple alarms should be located around the building for maximum protection. In the event of a fire starting undetected, smoke alarms should be fitted in every room of the building to alert workers/occupants to leave the building immediately following standard fire alarm procedures.

In residential premises, depending on the size of the property, a smoke alarm in every major room of the home is adequate. Other fire protection tips include installing fire proof doors, windows and floors. These fire protection facilities will help seal a trapped occupant from the fire until the fire service arrive, however, be warned that there is no guarantee of survival once the fire breaks out.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

In light of this, the best option when it comes to fire protection systems is to install fire sprinklers. Fire sprinklers have the capability to stop a fire immediately and save a trapped occupant from being exposed to both smoke and fire. Fire sprinklers are activated when the heat in a room rises to a specific threshold. The fire is then doused in water before it rages out of control. Fire alarms serve as a good warning sign but they cannot put out a fire and neither can they stop a trapped person suffocating from smoke inhalation. Fire sprinkler systems cut through smoke reducing smoke particles in the air, allowing people to escape with minimum damage to the respiratory system.

Start Protecting From Loss of Life Today

Fire protection systems are necessary for every building and are not something that can be avoided or implemented by cutting corners - to do so would quite simply be dangerous. With our combined fire safety experience of 40 years, Fire Fighter 24/7 provides specialist sprinkler system installation to protect you against the perils or third degree burns and smoke inhalation. Prevention is always better than cure, so contact one of our certified professionals today.

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