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Water Mist Fire Protection

Water Mist Fire Protection – How It Works and When You Need It

Water Mist fire protection is a fairly recent advancement in the technology of water fire protection systems but only suitable to particular environments. When water mist technology was first introduced, research reports were sceptical of its productivity in fighting fire in the home and in large commercial premises.

How Does Water Mist Fire Protection Work?

Water mist fire systems break water flow into small droplets. These droplets expand to absorb heat and suppress the fire. The water droplets turn to steam as they make contact with the fire, reducing heat and preventing oxygen from fuelling the fire. When the water droplets evaporate, they expand in the air further depriving the fire of oxygen, effectively creating a double extinguishing attack on the fire.

Water Mist Fire Protection Is Not Suitable For All Environments

Water mist fire protection is best suited to enclosed spaces and for protecting isolated electronic equipment and machinery. Water mist protection is ideal where damage to equipment needs to be minimised. It should be noted that water mist is still an emerging technology and not suited to domestic residences.

Water mist systems create a more targeted and careful approach to a fire. Think of a water mist system like the release of liquid from an aerosol spray. Unlike the shower type water stream emitted by a conventional fire sprinkler, water mist is controlled and concentrated. A standard sprinkler system on the other hand is indiscriminate, pouring out water over a vast area to quickly smother and extinguish the fire.

Environmentally Friendly

Water mist systems have the added advantage of being environmentally friendly because they release far less water than conventional sprinkler systems. However, research has documented that this asset actually hinders the ability of a water mist system to deal with larger fires as effectively as traditional sprinkler systems.

Determining The Type of Fire Protection System You Require

To determine whether a water mist system can be installed in the environment you want to protect, you will need the evaluation of a fire safety expert with extensive experience of fitting both water mist fire protection and standard fire sprinkler systems.

Hiring A Fire Safety Specialist

Fire Fighter 24/7 has been in operation for over 15 years, conducting installation and maintenance for various types of fire protection systems – including the biggest residential sprinkler installation in Europe. We will advise you on the most suitable fire protection system for your home or commercial building. We provide a free quotation service and plenty of advice on protecting your family and/or staff from fire.

All of our engineers are qualified and trained to the highest of industry standards. No matter the type of installation you need, we are on hand to create the correct installation at the most competitive price. Drop us a line today and let us tell you how you can best protect yourself against fire.

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