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Restaurant Fire Suppression

Restaurant Fire Suppression – Saving Your Restaurant Before a Fire Occurs

If you own a restaurant then fire is surely one of your biggest fears. Running a kitchen where there are naked flames and so many people to take care of simultaneously is a recipe for disaster.

Devastating Fact: In 2007, of the 443 fire deaths in the UK, 267 were caused accidentally.

Humans aren’t machines, and no matter how positively we endeavour to prevent fire, we cannot prevent human error.
Imagine the scenario, a busy night at the restaurant. It’s Saturday and everyone wants to get home as quickly as possible. You are tired, yet quite sure you checked all the cooking equipment over and blew out all the candles on the tables. However, what you don’t realise is that one of the staff moved a burning candle over to the counter in order to clear and clean a table. You missed it, you leave and the candle falls onto a stack of paper…tragically the rest is history.

Yes, this may sound bleak and at first far fetched, but these situations are very real – as the statistic cited above suggests - which is why you must maximise restaurant fire protection to the best of your ability. No alarm, smoke detector or extinguisher can save your restaurant once you have locked up and gone home. Once the doors are closed and the shutters pulled down, the fire has a perfect breeding ground and will bring the restaurant to its knees within minutes. By the time the fire service arrives it will be too late, and by the time you rebuild your restaurant the insurance premium will have sky rocketed!

There is however a way to prevent this terrifying situation occurring. And that is by ensuring restaurant fire protection through the installation of restaurant fire sprinklers.

Restaurant Fire Sprinklers

Once a sprinkler detects that the heat in your restaurant has reached the ceiling at a specific temperature, it will activate and douse the fire with water making sure it doesn’t destroy your entire premises. In the event that your restaurant has customers or staff inside at the time, restaurant fire sprinklers will save lives.

Installing Restaurant Fire Sprinklers

Restaurant fire suppression is a specialist area of ours at Fire Fighter 24/7. We have been fitting sprinkler systems in commercial buildings for over 15 years and are approved members of the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association (BAFSA). We offer a free quotation service on restaurant fire sprinkler systems and give you expert advice on how you can secure the safety of your restaurant and staff against the potential tragedy of fire. Contact us today to ensure you never have to face the reality of fire destroying your livelihood.

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