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Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection

To contain a fire in its place of origin and to limit the spread of fire and smoke throughout a building, fire protection specialists implement passive fire protection methods. Passive fire protection compartmentalises a building to minimise damage and provide more time for occupants to vacate the premises.

There are a number of fire protection methods which fall into the passive category, including fire resistant walls, fire resistant floors and fire resistant glass. These fire protection precautions will slow the spread of fire until the fire service is able to attend the scene.

Passive fire protection is termed passive because no buttons need to be pressed, no electricity needs to be activated and no physical energy is required to activate the protection.


Firewalls sub-divide buildings in order to protect specific areas in the event of a wall collapse in another area of the building.

Fire resistant glass:

Modern day fire resistant glass utilises intumescent technology which becomes viscous, forming bubbles that harden into a dense, heat insulating material that halts the spread of fire and chance of window blow-outs.

Fire resistant floors:

Fire resistant floors are particularly important in apartment blocks and office buildings, serving as occupancy separators to minimise the risk of a high-volume of casualties during a fire. Blocks of flats often have shops built within the same structure at ground level. If a fire were to start in a shop at ground level, a fire resistant floor will prevent the fire from penetrating the flats above – this also works in reverse if the fire is started in one of the flats.

Automatic Fire Protection

Fire Sprinklers:

The most effective form of fire protection is the fire sprinkler. Fire sprinklers provide automatic fire protection 24 hours a day. Fire sprinklers are considered the most effective fire protection method because they harness the ability to halt a fire before it gets out of control, whereas the passive fire protection methods mentioned above can only stall for time until the fire service arrives. Sprinklers have become the most popular form of residential fire protection in recent years and government regulators around the world have endorsed their importance in saving lives.

In June 2005, the National Fire Protection Association in the US made it mandatory to have sprinklers installed in all new one and two family dwellings; the UK is also considering a similar approach. In Scotland, all new and converted care homes, high rise flats and sheltered housing accommodation are required to fit automatic fire sprinkler systems

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Fire Sprinkler Installation Company

To ensure that the fire sprinklers within your premises are 100% reliable, it is imperative that you employ the services of highly qualified professionals. Only experienced fire safety experts are certified to fit fire sprinklers, and the last thing you want is your system to fail when smoke starts to rise.

Fire sprinklers provide the safest method of passive fire protection, ready to automatically protect your family home, office building, school, care home or commercial premises at all times. As one of the UK’s leading fire protection companies, Fire Fighter 24/7 have been helping commercial and residential customers prevent fire disasters for over 15 years. For guaranteed automatic fire protection, contact us today for a free no obligation quote.

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