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Secure The Safety of Your Family With Fire Sprinklers

On average around 300-400 people die as a result of fire in England each year, many more are injured and suffer problems from smoke inhalation and the negative effects of scarring and disability. The elderly and the young are most at risk as their capability to escape and detect fire is considerably less than those aged between the ages of 16 and 55.

Putting Your Family’s Safety First

By installing smoke detectors in the home you are arming yourself with a valuable warning mechanism to vacate due to smoke detection. But what if the fire is already blocking your exit route or has consumed the majority of the home? This is where smoke detectors can be problematic, especially if you are awoken during the night and the fire has been burning for sometime. By installing fire sprinklers alongside your smoke detectors you are providing comprehensive protection for you and your family.

If a member of your family were to become trapped in a bedroom because the fire had spread to the hallway, a fire sprinkler installed in the ceiling of the hallway would activate and at the very least contain the fire until the fire service arrives. In the majority of cases a fire sprinkler will completely extinguish the fire. Unfortunately, smoke alarms alone are simply not enough to fully protect your family.

It is worth noting that the majority of people die in indoor fires from smoke inhalation, not from being burnt to death by flames – the burning usually occurs after the person has become unconscious or already died due to carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide poisoning. With fire sprinklers installed in your home, you can sleep with the peace of mind that your family is protected should a fire break out at night or during the day.

Fire Sprinkler Installation

Some people have concerns that sprinklers will make an unsightly feature in their home, and this may well have been the case ten years ago. However, modern day fire sprinkler design has evolved and fire sprinkler installation is far more advanced now. Where permissible you can opt for concealed heads which stay out of sight until the ceiling reaches a temperature of around 150 degrees, once this happens, a cover will drop away and the fire sprinkler will activate, dousing the fire with approximately 25 gallons of water per minute. This volume of water dispersion is far friendlier to your property than the 250 gallons per minute pumped out from a fire fighters’ hose.

In effect, having a fire sprinkler in each room of house is like having a personal fire fighter on hand to jump into action should a fire break out. At Fire Fighter 24/7 we prevent a potential disaster in your home by installing a state of the art fire sprinkler system to protect your family. We are certified fire sprinkler installation specialists with more than 40 combined years fire safety experience, get a free no obligation quote today and make a definitive plan to protect your family.

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